SNAFU RP Characters' Endings

The following summaries are how I originally intended to "end" things for my characters. These are made under assumptions on what direction each RP would've ultimately taken, and should be seen as artistic liberties rather than usurping the creator's storylines.

Kenji Nakamura (“Unhappy” Ending)
RP: Enuma Elish

In the ensuing weeks and months, Kenji reached a peak level of fitness as well as gained a near perfect mastery of his family’s martial arts style. Unfortunately, before he could complete his training, his father was felled in a glorious battle against a vampire. His death would become a driving motivating factor for Kenji, as he sought vengeance upon the vampire who killed his last immediate family member. He eventually went on to assist his friends and allies in the final confrontation with Cain. Their success will forever remain a mystery to the outside world, but it is known that he survived the battle. However, he came to believe that he could never find happiness in this world, losing his trademark optimism. He truly thought that Hikari didn’t love him, and would never come to, seeing that her heart belonged to another.

Thinking that she would be happier without him present, he disappeared and lost all communication with her and the ones he had come to regard as his second family. Ten years later, he would become famous within the Hunter organization for his tenacity and apathetic attitude towards the vampires he hunted, even if he was dead to the rest of the world. However, this was all just a façade, as he actually dedicated his life to saving them, hiding them away in his own shielded sanctuary. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hide his secret for long, and Hunters were eventually sent to deal with one of their own. He was eventually gunned down at his childhood home after a long drawn out battle, dying in the arms of one of his old allies. With his dying breath, he expressed his only regret was never telling Hikari how much he loved her. He died at the age of 25, survived by two cousins, an uncle, his grandfather, and all the ‘vampires’ he had spent his life rescuing.

Nokido Kharlan
RP: Prison Gladiators

Nokido continued fighting in the arena, usually alongside his lover, Deni. Together, they managed to stay alive, keep their sanity, and in time, escape their bonds. They became intergalactic fugitives, universally hunted for the ridiculously large prices on their heads. Though living a life constantly on the run and always assuming different pseudonyms, they are presumably living with one another in happiness. After all, no one could ever manage to match their might and take them in as long as they were together.

RP: Everafter

Following the battle at Rottingham, Aidan took both Inaiyah and Allienor and fled the city. Unfortunately, it took the sacrifice of William to accomplish the task. From this point, the Boogeyman began his search for his other nine “nightmare children”, who were each imparted a small “part” of himself to safe keep. William had relinquished his shortly before his death, and now Aidan realized he needed to collect the other pieces. With the hopeful assistance of his comrades, he succeeded in this task, finally managing to become “whole”, and created a much more powerful form himself. Together with his allies, he would eventually go on to save the world he had always insisted he hated in assisting in the defeat of the enigmatic Endlings.

With this deed done, the Boogeyman found his purpose clear and resolved to leave the physical realm forever. “Adam”, Aidan’s true name, was nothing more than Boogeyman’s avatar: a being he needed to be concentrated into in order to set foot in the mortal world. Otherwise, he was nothing more than influencing aspect of fear. After all he had learned, the Boogeyman realized that he had corrupted his purpose, for he was not there to teach fear, but rather, to teach courage with that fear. No longer needing to stay and no longer requiring the moral anchor of Adam, he became nothing more than fear itself once again. As for the blond haired and blue eyed Adam, he was finally free from the contract he had willingly signed himself into, and desired to live his life out to its most complete degree. He proposed to Allienor and adopted Inaiyah as their first child, though certainly not their only.

Yuorik Yggdrasil
RP: Karo’s Pirates

Yuorik continued to serve on the pirate captain’s ship for the larger remainder of his life, finally getting to enjoy the high seas like he had always wanted to. Though he flirted often with Ambrosia, it never went on more than that, as he finally decided that a working relationship was best. Nonetheless, he had fallen in love with her. Unfortunately, he chose to never divulge these feelings. Some years after they initially set voyage, Yuorik would die like all sailors wish they could’ve: at sea. During a particularly nasty storm, the prestigious gunman and navigator was thrown overboard, and the after days of searching for him during the calm, the crew was forced to presume his death. A small funeral at sea was held for him before they continued on their way, hearts heavy but wills still determined.

Kevin Armitage
RP: Dimensia

Kevin spent some time in the Void, but managed to keep his sanity within the blackness due to the comradeship of his fellow travelers and the company of Arya. Through unknown machinations, he and the goddess-in-disguise ended up being separated from their allies and shunted off to a world not much unlike the ones they knew. They decided to stay, and are presumably living out their days in peace, love, and happiness. Could there be a better ending?

Alpha-013, aka "Reaper"
RP: Star Wars: Age of Conflict

13 and the rest of his team of Jedi and ARC managed to complete their mission, and destroyed the Separatist droid factory. He would go on to serve with further distinction in the Clone Wars, all the way up until the execution of Order 66. Having fought alongside Jedi for years, and being far more free thinking than his ordinary Clone brothers, he refused to comply with the initiative, and managed to get his Jedi General to safety. According to him, it was his duty to serve the Republic. Once Palpatine declared the emergence of a Galactic Empire, the Republic died, thus leaving 13's loyalty to himself. Unfortunately, a powerful Sith Lord would eventually track him and the Jedi General down. Against such a powerful adversary, the two stood no chance, and 13 fell in combat. Nonetheless, he managed to heavily scar the Sith with the number '13', defiantly stating before his death that "it was a gift, so that you will forever know the name of the Clone who marred you."

Unbeknown to anyone, 13 was survived by an adopted daughter. She was a young girl he had taken in when her family was killed during the Clone Wars. Despite his best wishes, she had long taken to following him, and had come upon his corpse not long after his death. She couldn't possibly surmise that a Sith had killed him, only seeing a lightsaber wound upon his body, and a slain Jedi nearby. She came to believe that a Jedi had killed her "father", and in her despair and rage, swore vengeance upon the entire Order. She took her father's armor and his name, and became a bounty hunter, concentrating very strongly on hunting fugitive Jedi. It was only when she encountered an old Jedi friend of her father's did she learn the truth. Entrusted to this Master was a message that 13 had wanted the girl to see. Within it contained 13's last will, and his declaration that he would fight alongside the outcast Jedi against the Empire, so that his daughter could live in a peaceful galaxy free of oppression. Realizing her mistake, the girl let go of all her anger and hate, and became repentant. She decided she would join the Rebel Alliance, and be "a soldier. Like my father, before me." Following the end of the Galactic Civil War, she continued to loyally serve the New Republic up until she peacefully passed away in old age, long after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War.

RP: Organization XIII

Ranxomec would continue to serve Organization XII faithfully after his initiation, unquestionably following all orders and continually honing his unique mimicry abilities. However, their quest for Kingdom Hearts would never be met. The legendary Keyblade master had eventually come to oppose them, slowly but surely dismantling the group one by one. Eventually, only Ranx and Vox were left, Vox setting Ranxomec to be the final guardian to his domain. The battle proved fierce, as the Nobody continually used the weapons and abilities of all the Organization members before him, bringing the full might of the order upon the Keyblade master. He even mirrored the master himself, showing the boy just what it'd be like to fight his clone. However, the ever versatile and ever adaptable warrior eventually managed to best him. Unfortunately for he, that was just round 1. The battle had awoken something within Ranxomec that he had long thought lost: both his spirit and his identity. Finally realizing the fighter he once was, the Nobody's helmet shattered, revealing that he was in fact a she, once named Cameron.

She was grateful for him reawakening her warrior's spirit, and reminding her what it was like to have a heart again. Nonetheless, her honor as a warrior would still not allow him to pass peacefully. The second round between the two fighters was pure Ranxomec this time, as she completely utilized her own barefisted style. This fight proved to be far more challenging and intense than the one before, and the Keyblade master had considerably greater difficulty. However, his strength and heart eventually won out, defeating the Nobody at last. Accepting her loss, and in gratitude, Ranxomec used the last of her strength to open the pathway to the master's final opponent: Vox. Her parting words to the boy instructed him to be wary of the Organization leader, and to, no matter how dark the situation, never lose his heart. After he had gone, Ranx quietly disappeared into nothingness, reaching out towards the spirit of her love.

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